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Luster dust comes with wide range of pigments they are primarily used in personal care products & cosmetics. A non-toxic, colorful, shimmery dust with a lustrous sheen. Surface treatment of pigments is used to improve performance in a variety of cosmetic formulations. Surface coatings improve skin feel by smoothing the rough pigment surfaces and reducing oil absorption. This purple luster dust has been through meticulous examination in our lab and is proven to be safe to use on skin & hair. Luster dust comes in a wide variety of colors and stable formulations to enhance the effects.

Luster dust makes your product sparklingly attractive making it eye-catching. It has excellent stability and can be perfectly combined with other colorings. This Pigments not only provide skin enrichment effect, but also color to cosmetic products. Pigment concentrations differ per product from a liquid soap to foundation. This pigment Rich color goes well with all skin tones and gives visual effect to your product.

Our luster dust comes with Better color clearness & are available in different colors / types. Customized color & actives can be obtained to match your product Utility. With this Luster dust you can attract your customers’ eyes and palates with the magnetic appeal of pure indulgence.

Our pigment can be used in Lipsticks, Lip Gloss, Eye shadows, Blusher, CC cream, Foundation, Blusher Rouge, Makeup Powders, Eyebrow Pencils, Eye shadow Pen, Vanishing Cream, Face Cold Cream, Nail Polish, Nail UV/LED Polish Gel etc.

Use of pigment in cosmetic product will enhances your beauty and enlarge your glow to another level. In our pigments we combine exceptional ingredients for powerful skin care, personal care cosmetics and color effect applications that outshine from competition. Our pigments can also benefit performance, such as color correction and enhanced skin feel for the personal use.

As per the trends, Effect and intense color pigments offer Limitless options for people to truly express themselves as different personality. This rich collection of pigments provides deep, true colors independent of the underlying skin tones normally acquired from the transparent qualities of typical effect pigments.

We have some famous & most used pigments all over the world ,like White Pearl Pigments & Gold pigments .

  1. Gold pigments
  2. These pigments are composed of synthetic mica coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide. Wide arrays of gold shades are obtained by differing particle sizes and the ratio of iron oxide to titanium dioxide.

  3. White Pearl Pigments
  4. Our Whites and Silver Pigments provide a soft white to silver color. Umang's Silver White Pigments vary in luster from silky and smooth, to fine sparkle, depending upon particle size and distribution. They are made by coating Titanium Oxide on a synthetic mica substrate.