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Beads used in Cosmetics & Personal care products are micro-encapsulation of active cosmetic ingredients that require encapsulation for increase stability and delivery of actives. These Encapsulated beads are spherical in shape with actives encapsulated in it with safe means of reaching the target site within the skin. They have the property of enhancing and giving visual effect to the finished cosmetic & personal care product.

Various Actives with different formulation can be Encapsulated into beads like Micro Encapsulation beads with actives like Fragrance, Vitamins, color, Extracts, Flavor, Oil, Cooling agents, Jojoba Oil, etc. These Beads are 100% bio-degradable in nature and are used to replace PE beads that have now been banned for users globally.

Umang Pharmatech is a well known brand that manufactures Cosmetics beads of various sizes, shapes & colors. The most important features of these beads are they disappear on gentle rubbing without leaving any residue on skin & hair. And they can be easily incorporated in any Cosmetic and personal care formulation. There beads are Cosmos approved so you can incorporate them without hesitation. As per the Demand Umang Pharmatech can Encapsulate Cosmetic beads for Hand Wash, Sanitizers, Body Wash, Face Scrub, Shower Gel, Etc. The tendency of these beads is they have longer shelf life and are emcapsulated so they have no effect from any external agents.

Cosmetic Beads are also called Sprayspheres which can be used as an intermediate of beads used in cosmetic preparation such as gels, shampoos, soaps, and creams. The customer can see the encapsulated active ingredients in the beads and Spheres form in the final product. These beads have the vibrant effect of enhancing finished cosmetic products by making them better looking and more effective. The advantages of incorporating Sprayspheres in cosmetics are the better cosmetic appeal, improve stability of active, prevention of incompatibilities amongst the active and excipients of the formulation.

Main Features:

  1. These Beads are Natural, Eco-friendly, Bio-degradable and safe to use to being uniform round in shape, there are no cuts and scratches on the delicate fresh skin.
  2. They can be formulated adequately hard.
  3. Longer Shelf Life.
  4. Safe from external Agents.
  5. Any required active agent like anti-microbial, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.
  6. Desirable sizes from XS, S, M, L, and XL.
  7. And Vibrant Colors as per Pantone shade card.
  8. Visualization of Actives.
  9. Can perform multiple actions without leaving any residues