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Many of us did not knew that the food we eat have a lot of benefits when applied to skin. Cucumber is one of them. Cucumber exfoliator called as scrub is the lightest scrubs of all. It is commonly known that cucumber is made up of 96 percentage of water content as it can sum up to hydration, hydration and just hydration. Water is not all what cucumber contains; it has other nutrition magnesium and potassium. It is just amazing to cool down the heat generated by the body and when the temperature sour. It is not only beneficial for detoxifying skin but also helps in weight loss process. Beauty benefits do not stop here; it extends to fresh breath, clear sparking eyes without bags, puffiness and dark circles as it contains nutrition like biotin, vitamin A, B1, C and potassium. Health benefits do not stop here; it continues to improving overall health with heart health and brain and is also good for diabetes.

Let’s get back to the interesting part that is beauty benefits. Cucumber can help in lighting skin resulting into removal of tan. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help deal with nasty skin break outs too.

How does cucumber exfoliator acts as the best toner for skin?

Cucumber exfoliator is the lightest exfoliator for skin. it is universally understood that the more intake of water results into glowing skin. Cucumber is water with vitamins which is a plus point for healthy skin. Crushing a cucumber, mixing it with lemon juice and apply it on skin. This easy step can result into glowing skin. Keeping this mixture into refrigerator to chill and using later on skin burn can result into reducing skin burn and result into cooling skin from burning sensation.

Cucumber exfoliator is suggested to use for dry skin as well. To create a DIY cucumber exfoliator mask, simply use cucumber puree mixing with oatmeal and honey. This mask works to lighten, moisturize and exfoliate the skin.

Because of these reasons it is necessary to add cucumber to your daily skin routine because it benefits your skin in the following ways.

  1. Enhance glowing skin
  2. The cooling properties of the cucumber extract enable it to be used as a natural cleanser to relieve redness and acne; while it acts to be an easy way to get rid of the oiliness in your skin.

  3. Hydrate skin
  4. Cucumber is a perfect way to help hydrate dull skin because of its water content and thus this extract acts to be a great complementing ingredient for skincare products.

  5. Soothe and relieve puffy skin
  6. Busy schedules often lead to dark circles and puffy eyes, where cucumbers may come into action to create an easy way out. Its cooling properties along with antioxidants and silica thus help to refresh the skin.

  7. Controls oil emission and acne
  8. The antioxidants that cucumber contains resolve any inflammation on the skin effortlessly. It helps to lighten the skin and relieve it from excessive oil and clogged pores.

  9. Anti-aging benefits
  10. The presence of manganese and potassium in cucumber is extremely beneficial in firming up and tightening the skin. Furthermore, it reduces all signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.